Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Handmade Statement Necklace with Neon shades , Bohemian style Necklace


Hello friends its Sapna  , and I am gonna make  a lovely, cheap , easy to make and beautiful neon statement necklace using a bunch of stuff probably lying around your house .

     This necklace looks awesome with any dress whether a shirt , a sun dress , a kaftan ,  Kurtis , a tank top and is a perfect accessory  to complete your beach look .
      The material you require to  make it are :
1. Ribbons(any color u like )
2.Washers of two different sizes big and small ones
 ( available at all hardware shops)
3. Thin craft wires
4. Neon colored thread 
5.Hook and clasp
6.Beads (neon colored) 
7.Pliers ,scissors and cutter
8.Needle and thread
 (to sew ends of the ribbon if necessary)


  • Take the ribbon and put in the washers in an overlapping fashion .See picture.
  •  Make two strings one with small washers and one with the  bigger ones using different colored ribbons if possible. 
  • Use the Neon thread to sew the two strings together.Keep the string of smaller washers above and bigger ones below.
  • Now use the wire and put in the neon beads to make small hangings as shown in the picture.
  • Bend  the wires upper end like a hook and bend the other end like a knot using pliers so that the beads you inserted should not come out.
  • The wire you cut for the hangings should be long because they need to hang from the backside of the necklace.
  •  Insert the hangings in the ribbon on the backside of the ribbon .Push the wire's hook that you made  and fasten it tightly into the ribbon using pliers.
  • Cut any loose ends of the ribbon and wire if left to make it look neat .
  • Insert hook and clasp at the ends of the necklace.

Your awesome chic statement necklace is ready .Enjoy wearing it  xoxo ;)

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