Wednesday, April 9, 2014

DIY ..Flower Pendant out of disposable plastic spoons


  The material you require are shown  above

You can use any colour spoon you want or you can also spray paint them afterwards.
- cut off the handles using scissors
- when you have 17 (10 for outer petals, 5 for petals around the 2 in the middle)

 Light the candle
- Take your needle nose pliers to hold the spoon.
- Try not to keep the spoon too close to the flame as it will cause blackening of the plastic.
- Melt the bowl of the spoon and heat the underside.
- let it cool down a bit but while it's still warm and bendable shape the petal by pulling the tip and bending it backwards with your fingertips.

- You could speed the cooling down up by blowing.
Repeat- this step for all 17 petal

- Beginning with the 10 outer petals take two spoons and melt what's left of the handles. Fuse placing them next to each other and smooth out the melt until the handles stick together. You could use the needle nose pliers to do this since the melted plastic is incredibly hot!
- Repeat this 4 times so that you have 5 sets of 2 petals.
- Now melt the handles of 2 sets and stick them together.
- Repeat this step until you have the 3 pieces of the rose.

This will take a while to figure out which is the right way to assemble all pieces
- Glue the pieces together with leftover parts of plastic  or by melting the bottom side of the petals.
- Insert the 5 petals into the 10 petals and the 2 middle petals into the 5.
See picture.
Now that your rose is finished melt the bottom of the rose and push it flat (I used a saucer to push it flat). Once it is flat enough melt the plastic again and push a safety pin into it and secure by laying small piece of melted plastic over the safety pin.

Pendant - hang it onto a long jewellery chain.Or make a broach

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