Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Handmade Owl Pendant

 Hey frenzz its Sapnaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ;)
I made an owl pendant last week which I wanted to share in here.
I had a buckle kind of a piece left from my mom's old purse .
That acted as a base for my owl.
I now had to make eyes and ears  so,,,,,,,
  •  I used two stones to make ears and tied them to the metal base with wire.
  • I stuck the silver washers onto the stones with an adhesive, to make rims around the eyes of the owl .
  • Then I stuck two blue beads on the washers to make eyeballs,
  • I then painted black spot on the eye balls to complete the eyes using  black nail paint.

 My owl is ready to wear ,and its sooooooooooooo cute , see fr ur self , luv it, try it  make one for your own .!!!!!! xoxo;)


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