Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pot painting , Painted Pot , Funky pot painting

  • Hey frenzz its Sapna, I  painted  a pot for my garden and it ended up  looking so cute and attractive  that I  felt like posting it in here .
  • I used fabric colors to paint the butterfly , the background was painted using the powdered color used for painting flower pots (its available in the market for these purposes), or you can use an enamel paint to color it all .
  • Use a pencil or a chalk to draw the basic outline  of the figure you wish to draw on the two sides of the pot  and start painting , its  that simple.
While surfing the net I found some other cool pot painting ideas that i'd like to share :

Source :Internet

   Funky faces can be drawn or even 
cartoons and angry birds look very cute

Source :Internet
Source :Internet

This one's  really cool the maker has used old cds to decorate the plastic pot

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