Tuesday, November 12, 2013

BEST OUT OF WASTE -3 ...potli bags , clutch bags,& a sling bag .. created using waste material

 Hey u all, its Sapna  , and I  am here to share my idea of converting old cloth , laces etc to an awesome bag . As you can see I have  uploaded pics of   a potli bag, a sling bag , and  a cute and  colorful little clutch bag( my fvrt).I had to do a  lot of sewing for making these , but never thought they'll end up looking so cute ,

1. The potli bag is entirely made by sewing together  rough and old kerchiefs, pieces discarded sarees from my mom's wardrobe , and yes most importantly the laces that  I had left over  from the anarkali suit I designed 
( view the previous post  , DRESS DESIGNING ............My Designing Experience ).

2. The clutch  was made first by creating a basic structure or body , using plastic bags  some cloth and a cardboard , all stuck and sewed together , then  very  meticulous covered  with   an old  piece of cloth .The handles were attached in the end.

3. The sling bag ,was made entirely using my old  overalls , I used an old belt to create the  sling , for the bag, and used  crystals  for creating a  symbols on it.

Hope you have liked the idea , and might  yourself  give it a try  sometime   :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

BEST OUT OF WASTE -2............The Rainbow Butterfly.... out of waste paper and poster colors

In order to give a little  fun, lively  and perky look to  the  central wall of my room I made  28 butterflies , 4 of each of the colors of a rainbow .. The paper I used  consisted of waste paper like that of old cards , newspaper and painted them with bright  layers of colors .. .. do  try it  out .... , there can be  various other  figures that can be drawn and used in the same way like flowers , birds .etc etc ........ stay tuned for more such ideas :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

DRESS DESIGNING ............My Designing Experience

Anarkali designed by me                


                My designing Experience

                              In  the past few days I came across a new  interest of mine  ...... ...... designing.....As all girls ,I have always been fond of clothes( the fairer sex's innate quality ;) including  bargaining), ...not only going fr  frequent shopping sprees , but  what  I have been more interested in is usually  in  a dress's anatomy  ... that's right .. i mean its design ,cut, the type of cloth used , texture, colors, the geometry ,  n especially  the embroidery (thread  work, gotta patti,zari work).I love traditional outfits whether its a lahega , salwar cameez ,sharara or a  saree .......................................

 The Inception ;)
Designing this dress , was  an idea that struck my mind  when my mom was going through various online shopping sites to find a traditional looking saree .for my sister's wedding.....I was sitting by her side ..... and .... peeping on to  my laptop , time and again because she had been using it for  quiet a long time (although  I knew she wont buy anything  as I know she never  shops  online   , as   she thinks online  purchases are'nt reliable ) ...... Just when my patience was about to run  out , she  clicked on yet another  link ..   regarding bridal anarkalis..........

this obviously got me reaaally  interested ( , u ask why ? because when there is a wedding in a family  all  a girl can think  about is  ,"o God  I don have anything to wear, what am I  gonna wear?" same was the case with  me ) , 
                     so   I started looking  more keenly and after seeing about 20 to 30   options, I found there was something missing in all of them , some had a beautiful color but lacked the right length of dupatta , some had gr8 embroidery on them but had poor dress material , some were  really exquisite  but out of my  budget  . All this left me thinking may be I can design one for myself as well plus it will make an exciting new project to work upon , and the designer within me started unleashing itself   (lol) , and that's  how I decided to design my own dress for  my sis's  wedding .........
and  frenzz em glad I did so (although my mom called me  crazy and  insane when I told her my idea , i mean she found it troublesome, as she knew  I was soon going to eat her head   and take her to the market with me frm one shop to another in search of the right  material ,, ... but  convinced her  somehow ...........
 I  made a design on paper , as u can see in the above picture . It took me  about 2 weeks to get this dress ready ,I  wanted the anarkali  to include  2 of the most vibrant and my favorite colors Yellow and pink (I  wanted it to be  the most  flamboyant  silhouette I had )  , so I bought 2 meters of net, and Georgette and got them dyed I had to take assistance from my mother , for stitching up various laces, sequins, hangings,drops and the part that was too difficult for me  like  the koti, the kalis and the lining (the basic framework)......was done by  Tailor Master jee of  a nearby boutique ..Unlike how  easy it seems to most people , It was quiet  a challenge  ........... the most challenging part is the  procurement of material  and  most importantly stitching and explaining  every1 what is to be made  .

                                 if you design a dress  you   one  can  obviously  customize it in any way you want , unlike any ready made dress because you are creating what you are going to where , right!! and yes  the dress is unique and special  for you .
  Its such an invigorating  and pleasant feeling when the final product  is completed and is appreciated by all .My frenzzz still ask me about   this dress of mine  , and how I got the idea , they did'nt beleive when I told them I got it stitched .... .

So, frnzzz  keep innovating and keep inspiring others and yourselves  and if you have any crazy idea  in your mind   bring it to reality  , like mine  !!!!XOXO ;)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Glass paints ...HOBBY IDEAS... Painted Window frames !!!!!!!

HOBBY IDEAS ....Glass painting ideass( part 5--Birdieeeee) ...parrots and sunflowers .......................

you can try various bird patterns like  pigeons , peacock, macaw,etc. Such designs look   beautiful  and lively ......!!!

Glass painting ideass( part 4) colorful parachute and rainbow .......................

Various types of panoramic scenes , meadows , flowery grasslands, colorful kites, sunsets, sunrises can even be created through glass paints!!!!!!!!!!

Glass painting ideass( part 3) Butterflies pattern .......................

A variety of patterns can be drawn on various  frames the  of same window .... especially in kid's room.......... where many funky  and  flamboyant  things are involved ......... one such  glass painting  pattern  can be  colorful butterflies................

Glass painting ideass( part 2) An aquarium..................

Glass painting ideass( part 1) Simple Floral pattern .......................


Here are a few glass paintings which I made long ago as a child , at my aunt's house  .I came across them   after  very long and  thought of sharing these  ideas  in here . That's my way of preserving them.

These designs  can be  easily  tried at home on a mirror, glass or a window frame  that one wishes to decorate....glass paints are transparent and the window frame looks beautiful when sunlight passes through it ... so friends just  give it a try .

Floral patterns on window frames