Tuesday, November 12, 2013

BEST OUT OF WASTE -3 ...potli bags , clutch bags,& a sling bag .. created using waste material

 Hey u all, its Sapna  , and I  am here to share my idea of converting old cloth , laces etc to an awesome bag . As you can see I have  uploaded pics of   a potli bag, a sling bag , and  a cute and  colorful little clutch bag( my fvrt).I had to do a  lot of sewing for making these , but never thought they'll end up looking so cute ,

1. The potli bag is entirely made by sewing together  rough and old kerchiefs, pieces discarded sarees from my mom's wardrobe , and yes most importantly the laces that  I had left over  from the anarkali suit I designed 
( view the previous post  , DRESS DESIGNING ............My Designing Experience ).

2. The clutch  was made first by creating a basic structure or body , using plastic bags  some cloth and a cardboard , all stuck and sewed together , then  very  meticulous covered  with   an old  piece of cloth .The handles were attached in the end.

3. The sling bag ,was made entirely using my old  overalls , I used an old belt to create the  sling , for the bag, and used  crystals  for creating a  symbols on it.

Hope you have liked the idea , and might  yourself  give it a try  sometime   :)