Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sketches of my Classfellows

Hii there , its Sapna , have'nt posted anything since a long time  . So here I am with a few sketches of my friends in class  which I made when the lectures got incrediblyyyyy borrinnggg !!! :D 
 (  I am a good student believe me )...and not me ,but   my friends insisted on making there sketches and gave me different poses and a front view of there face during the class with my professor standing in front, teaching :D ...
 (u see... girls love admiration) .
After including  all the suggestions about how there features really are  and improving various parts of my sketch ,it was completed before the end of the class( which was a miracle , considering how conscious girls are about there beauty) .
Anyways ... just try sketching ...has a lot of advantages:
1. Makes u popular  2. Good pass time  3.Increases observation power 
....that's all I can think of right now . Thanks for viewing the post ..Do  Follow  if you find the post interesting ..XOXO enjoy