Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DIY :Do It Yourself , Statement ring

 The material you require :

Hey frenzz, its Sapna and I am gonna teach you how to make a beautiful , rose ring at home .
The above picture  shows all the material you will require to make this fabulous piece of jewellery.

1. Cover the hose clamp with the yellow ribbon.Wrap wire around for additional support.

2.Stick the pearl bead at the top to make  middle of the rose ,using fevi quick or any other adhesive.

3. Make rose by twisting turning the pink ribbon on the top of the covered hose clamp as shown below.
Try it yourself ....xoxo

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

DIY:Do It Yourself ...Cardigan makeover, Restore old cardigan,Breathe new life into cardigans .....

There was an old cardigan lying in my wardrobe , which was  old and  I didn't wanted to give it away for some sentimental reasons . An idea came to my mind to renew this old sweater which inspired me  to do  this  tutorial.

1.  I love flowers especially on woolens , so I searched for  something to make flowers out of, in  the material lying around at home, and  I found a left over piece of a lace  in my drawer.So I made  flowers out of the lace.

2. Then I found old buttons and sewed them to center of flowers .Made four flowers with 6 petals each.
3.After this I changed the buttons of the old cardigan.
4.Then I bought  a bottle of white fabric color.Since the cardigan I had was plain and grey in color , I decide to add a little zing to it by adding small polka dots  on its sleeves and on the bottom part of the sweater.
5.Next I sewed all the flowers to the sweater in a vertical manners, as if they were hanging from a branch.
6.To add little sparkle I added some crystals and stones  around the flowers .I kept  the color  combination  of the sweater , white and grey , to make it look elegant.

 7.The cardigan looks new and is ready to wear.

Friday, March 14, 2014

DIY:Do It Yourself ....Restore old cardigans....... Create a rosy muffler

If you have plain old cardigans lying around at home , too old to wear, then  here's an idea to  create a useful scarf/ muffler
I had an old  pink cardigan with little holes in it , too old to wear again , so I searched the internet for some cool ideas , and got an awesome way to use it again.
here are some steps
1.Cut  cute round swirly circles of  5 ,4 ,3, 2 cm radius, by swirly circle i  mean  something like this.

Exceptional Identity

2. 11 pieces of 5, 4, 3 , 2 cm radii   of the above  above shape.
3. Sew them together , starting with the largest size on the base i.e. 5 cm piece , then followed by  4,
       3, 2 cm pieces .

Exceptional Identity

4. Make  long scarf like base (length : however long you want your scarf to be , and the no.of flowers you have made)  like this .

Exceptional Identity

5. Now sew the made flowers  onto the above base.

6. Your rosy muffler / scarf is ready.