Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bead Necklace ,Statement Necklace

 Hey Friends, its Sapna and  I wanted to share this idea of making an easy anda beautiful necklace with you.
I saw a similar Necklace on WESTSIDE which costed about 400/- bucks but it reminded me that I had similar beads with me  back  home, and so I decided to make one for me .

  •  The things you need are shown in the picture below
  • Put the beads in the string and use a wire on their left and right side to lock them in position.
  • Join many such Strings together Put on the clasp and hook.

Your Necklace is ready !!!Its time to flaunt it on various dresses.

Pendants made out of old medals


Hey friends its Sapna, I wanted to share the idea  of using old medals(that won't be missed) to make  chunky pendants ...........Here's how its done!!

  • Medals
  • Crushed glass(from glass old bottles )
  • Nail Paint or Pearl Paint.
  • Adhesive


  • Crush the glass  by keeping pieces between towels so that no glass shreds may accidentally harm you.If you can get crushed or broken glass shreds   from somewhere  that will be better
  • Stick the glass pieces to the medal using adhesive .Wear gloves while doing so , protect yourselves at all times.
  • After everything dries up and becomes hard , use nail paint or pearl paint to  color the pendants.

Put it in a chain and you are good to go !!!! do try it :)

glass pieces

DIY:Bead Pendant using bangles wires and Beads from broken bracelets

Handmade Owl Pendant

 Hey frenzz its Sapnaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ;)
I made an owl pendant last week which I wanted to share in here.
I had a buckle kind of a piece left from my mom's old purse .
That acted as a base for my owl.
I now had to make eyes and ears  so,,,,,,,
  •  I used two stones to make ears and tied them to the metal base with wire.
  • I stuck the silver washers onto the stones with an adhesive, to make rims around the eyes of the owl .
  • Then I stuck two blue beads on the washers to make eyeballs,
  • I then painted black spot on the eye balls to complete the eyes using  black nail paint.

 My owl is ready to wear ,and its sooooooooooooo cute , see fr ur self , luv it, try it  make one for your own .!!!!!! xoxo;)


Hand made choker necklace with a vintage look,Handmade Statement Necklace,Hat accesory

 Hey frenzz itss Sapnaaaaaa, ;) 
  •  I am here to share a cool idea to make :
  1.  a sizzling chic vintage look choker  OR
  2.  a hat accessory
  •  All you require  is a lot of   beads , broken buttons , broken bracelet or earring pieces ,rhinestones, shells and whatever small cute flowers or stones you have  which are of no use  anymore . 
  • You will require an adhesive, needle and thread 
  • A chain with clasp and hook will be required if you want to make a necklace .


  • Cut a cardboard base and stick all of the pearls and buttons in any form possible , in the shape of stars  or flowers etc. I have used a red cardboard base  as you can see.
  • Sew the buttons and pearls to the cardboard base . 
  • Now take a plain old cloth and stick it to the backside of the cardboard choker  to give it a clean and neat look and to cover up  all the sewing you have done.It will smooth-en out any unevenness on the base surface  so that you can wear it easily .
  • Sew it to the hat if you want a hat accessory. 
  • For making it a necklace punch holes at it to ends and sew the string or chain with hook and clasp to it .

Handmade Statement Necklace with Neon shades , Bohemian style Necklace


Hello friends its Sapna  , and I am gonna make  a lovely, cheap , easy to make and beautiful neon statement necklace using a bunch of stuff probably lying around your house .

     This necklace looks awesome with any dress whether a shirt , a sun dress , a kaftan ,  Kurtis , a tank top and is a perfect accessory  to complete your beach look .
      The material you require to  make it are :
1. Ribbons(any color u like )
2.Washers of two different sizes big and small ones
 ( available at all hardware shops)
3. Thin craft wires
4. Neon colored thread 
5.Hook and clasp
6.Beads (neon colored) 
7.Pliers ,scissors and cutter
8.Needle and thread
 (to sew ends of the ribbon if necessary)


  • Take the ribbon and put in the washers in an overlapping fashion .See picture.
  •  Make two strings one with small washers and one with the  bigger ones using different colored ribbons if possible. 
  • Use the Neon thread to sew the two strings together.Keep the string of smaller washers above and bigger ones below.
  • Now use the wire and put in the neon beads to make small hangings as shown in the picture.
  • Bend  the wires upper end like a hook and bend the other end like a knot using pliers so that the beads you inserted should not come out.
  • The wire you cut for the hangings should be long because they need to hang from the backside of the necklace.
  •  Insert the hangings in the ribbon on the backside of the ribbon .Push the wire's hook that you made  and fasten it tightly into the ribbon using pliers.
  • Cut any loose ends of the ribbon and wire if left to make it look neat .
  • Insert hook and clasp at the ends of the necklace.

Your awesome chic statement necklace is ready .Enjoy wearing it  xoxo ;)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pot painting , Painted Pot , Funky pot painting

  • Hey frenzz its Sapna, I  painted  a pot for my garden and it ended up  looking so cute and attractive  that I  felt like posting it in here .
  • I used fabric colors to paint the butterfly , the background was painted using the powdered color used for painting flower pots (its available in the market for these purposes), or you can use an enamel paint to color it all .
  • Use a pencil or a chalk to draw the basic outline  of the figure you wish to draw on the two sides of the pot  and start painting , its  that simple.
While surfing the net I found some other cool pot painting ideas that i'd like to share :

Source :Internet

   Funky faces can be drawn or even 
cartoons and angry birds look very cute

Source :Internet
Source :Internet

This one's  really cool the maker has used old cds to decorate the plastic pot

DIY ..Flower Pendant out of disposable plastic spoons


  The material you require are shown  above

You can use any colour spoon you want or you can also spray paint them afterwards.
- cut off the handles using scissors
- when you have 17 (10 for outer petals, 5 for petals around the 2 in the middle)

 Light the candle
- Take your needle nose pliers to hold the spoon.
- Try not to keep the spoon too close to the flame as it will cause blackening of the plastic.
- Melt the bowl of the spoon and heat the underside.
- let it cool down a bit but while it's still warm and bendable shape the petal by pulling the tip and bending it backwards with your fingertips.

- You could speed the cooling down up by blowing.
Repeat- this step for all 17 petal

- Beginning with the 10 outer petals take two spoons and melt what's left of the handles. Fuse placing them next to each other and smooth out the melt until the handles stick together. You could use the needle nose pliers to do this since the melted plastic is incredibly hot!
- Repeat this 4 times so that you have 5 sets of 2 petals.
- Now melt the handles of 2 sets and stick them together.
- Repeat this step until you have the 3 pieces of the rose.

This will take a while to figure out which is the right way to assemble all pieces
- Glue the pieces together with leftover parts of plastic  or by melting the bottom side of the petals.
- Insert the 5 petals into the 10 petals and the 2 middle petals into the 5.
See picture.
Now that your rose is finished melt the bottom of the rose and push it flat (I used a saucer to push it flat). Once it is flat enough melt the plastic again and push a safety pin into it and secure by laying small piece of melted plastic over the safety pin.

Pendant - hang it onto a long jewellery chain.Or make a broach