Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hand made choker necklace with a vintage look,Handmade Statement Necklace,Hat accesory

 Hey frenzz itss Sapnaaaaaa, ;) 
  •  I am here to share a cool idea to make :
  1.  a sizzling chic vintage look choker  OR
  2.  a hat accessory
  •  All you require  is a lot of   beads , broken buttons , broken bracelet or earring pieces ,rhinestones, shells and whatever small cute flowers or stones you have  which are of no use  anymore . 
  • You will require an adhesive, needle and thread 
  • A chain with clasp and hook will be required if you want to make a necklace .


  • Cut a cardboard base and stick all of the pearls and buttons in any form possible , in the shape of stars  or flowers etc. I have used a red cardboard base  as you can see.
  • Sew the buttons and pearls to the cardboard base . 
  • Now take a plain old cloth and stick it to the backside of the cardboard choker  to give it a clean and neat look and to cover up  all the sewing you have done.It will smooth-en out any unevenness on the base surface  so that you can wear it easily .
  • Sew it to the hat if you want a hat accessory. 
  • For making it a necklace punch holes at it to ends and sew the string or chain with hook and clasp to it .

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