Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pendants made out of old medals


Hey friends its Sapna, I wanted to share the idea  of using old medals(that won't be missed) to make  chunky pendants ...........Here's how its done!!

  • Medals
  • Crushed glass(from glass old bottles )
  • Nail Paint or Pearl Paint.
  • Adhesive


  • Crush the glass  by keeping pieces between towels so that no glass shreds may accidentally harm you.If you can get crushed or broken glass shreds   from somewhere  that will be better
  • Stick the glass pieces to the medal using adhesive .Wear gloves while doing so , protect yourselves at all times.
  • After everything dries up and becomes hard , use nail paint or pearl paint to  color the pendants.

Put it in a chain and you are good to go !!!! do try it :)

glass pieces

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